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Monday, July 24, 2006

Zojirushi Zutto Micom Electric Dispensing Pot

This is my absolute dream electric hot water kettle. Not only is this an electric hot water dispenser from Zojirushi, but it has a large 74 oz. capacity and it has multiple (perfect) temperature settings of 140, 195, and 208 degrees farenheit with a reboil option at 212 degrees F.

The  Zojirushi Zutto Micom Electric Dispensing Pot also has the standard safety features like a locking top and auto shutoff, but what really settles it for me is the electric tea pot's small small footprint of only 11 1/4" x 8 1/2" x 10" and stylish design.


  • Large capacity of 7.4 oz (2.2 liters).
  • Three temperature settings for all your tea and coffee brewing and noodle cooking needs.
  • Stylish design with clean lines.
  • Dechlorination and descaling functions.
  • Removable cord and 360 degree swivel base.
  • Keeps water warm at a selected temperature.
  • Easy to read LCD monitor and water level indicator.
  • Good insulation which keeps water warm without using lots of electricity while the outside of the unit remains cool or warm to the touch.
  • Timer function means you'll be able to wake up and come home to tea/coffee ready water.
  • Nonstick (not teflon) interior makes cleaning easy.


  • None at all, though this is a pricier electric water kettle.

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